About ALF

Abdou Law Firm "ALF" is one of the leading law firms in Libya and is licensed to provide all types of legal services. ALF can provide our clients with the highest quality legal services in Arabic, English, and French in accordance with international standards. Our reputation was built on unrivaled local knowledge and strong international capability.

ALF offers comprehensive legal services. Our clients (Libyan or international companies and law firms) doing business in Libya can be confident that we offer the services needed. To date, our experts have provided advisory work for corporate clients on matters such as contract formation, negotiations, international trade, banking regulations, corporate compliance, joint venture agreements, corporate finance arrangements, and commercial contractual relationships (Agent and Distribution agreements). In addition, our experts have facilitated business entrance for many large companies in the Libyan market to enable them to conduct their business in Libya. As we have expanded, so have our clients.

ALF is unique in having many experts, who possess a wide range of legal expertise. Through our international network of experts, we work closely with our clients to help them solve problems and create opportunities. Hence, our clients whether Libyan or international are confident that we offer services that are aligned with the highest legal standards.

ALF has worked closely with many international and local clients and has dealt with multi-billion dollar commercial transactions. ALF provides its services to several prestigious international law firms. These include, but are not limited to, DLA Piper, Eversheds Sutherland Global, Stephenson Harwood, Altamimi Law Firm, Deloitte Legal, and others. We also provide our services to large foreign companies working in Libya, such as ENI Oil and Gas-NA, OMV, Citibank, Pragma Corporation, Al Thuraya Consultancy, Alcatel, Damas Jewellery, ‎Adria Mar Shipbuilding, Rascomstar, Bureau Veritas, MasterCard, the Premier League, and others. Locally, we work with major state-owned companies in Libya, such as Akakus Oil Operations Company, Al-Rahela Oil services Company and Arab Geophysical Exploration Services Company, Afriqiyah Airways, Public Electric Works Company, Long Term Investment Portfolio. Also, we have provided our services to many governmental entities such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the LARMO, and the ‎Municipality of Zlitan. Furthermore, we provide our services to embassies such as the German Embassy.

Our offices are currently located across 4 floors in a modern building in the most upmarket area of Tripoli, Bin Ashour.

In order to enhance our clients’ confidence in ALF, we have entered into a partnership with leading law firms in Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Russia, Rwanda Cyprus, and the United Kingdom. Currently, we are seeking to enter into a partnership with major international law firms interested in the Libyan market.