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Abdou Law Firm "ALF" is one of the leading law firms in Libya and is licensed to provide all types of legal services. ALF can provide our clients with the highest quality legal services in Arabic, English, and French in accordance with international standards. Our reputation was built on unrivaled local knowledge and strong international capability. ALF offers comprehensive legal services. Our clients (Libyan or international companies and law firms) doing business in Libya can be confident that we offer the services needed. To date, our experts have provided advisory work ...

Why we are different



Diversity in the areas of service advisory and other services: our client does not need to resort to more than one firm in search of specific services to meet their wishes.



Providing our services in three languages which are Arabic, English and French. Abdou Law Firm differs from other legal firms as they provide legal services.



The professionals working with Abdou Law Firm are highly regarded in Libyan society: They include legal experts and advisers who have previously worked in leadership positions in the Libyan state.



Specialists in all areas of the law: our experts have accumulated experience in their specialist fields for a number of years and can attest to their experience and leadership in their specialist fields.

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