Oil, Gas and Energy

We help private and public sector oil, gas, and energy industry participants around the world achieve efficient and innovative solutions to their legal, regulatory, and structural challenges. Abdou Law Firm’s legal experts work closely with the oil refineries, oil and gas companies, petrochemicals, and investors from all over the world. We provide legal advice related to environmental, regulatory, and exploratory matters. We have a detailed understanding of market conditions affecting the oil sector in Libya.

In addition to the oil and gas sector, our experts have experience in renewable energy, electricity generation, energy trade, electricity transmission, electricity and gas distribution, and water supply.

Our team provides legal advice and litigation support in all aspects of the energy sector in Libya, including:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Labor issues
  • Judicial and arbitration disputes
  • Employment contracts and franchises
  • Administrative contracts
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Contract termination procedures
  • Security and safety issues
  • Negotiating energy contracts of all kinds
  • Environmental protection issues
  • International agreements in the energy, oil, and gas sector approved by the State of Libya