Financial services


Our Financial Services team understands the legal and business landscape in this rapidly evolving sector – we are ideally placed to help you navigate the opportunities opened up by technology and the digital world.

Abdou Law Firm advises some of the largest financial services companies and institutions on both their day-to-day operations and wider strategic objectives. Uncertain economies demand legal strategies that address regulatory and enforcement risks and the costs of compliance.

We help our clients contend with legal issues in banking - including restructurings, regulatory demands, and the compliance costs that have come with reform. We also advise clients on banking legal issues at higher risk and growth markets.

Our legal experts can also provide legal advice in all relevant areas, including:

  • Islamic finance
  • Cash and electronic payment systems.
  • Lending, guarantees, and bankruptcy.
  • Letters of guarantee and credit.
  • Project finance (infrastructure and other projects).
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering laws and regulations.
  • Banking litigation and enforcement.
  • Funds and investment portfolios.
  • Merger and Acquisition.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Debt settlement.

With our specialized knowledge of the region, Abdou Law Firm can provide our clients with a clear picture of the Libyan state-owned financial institutions such as the Libyan Investment Authority and its subsidiaries. We can provide legal advice on financial markets and consultancy and training to help establish financial companies and investment funds.