Construction and Engineering

Our experts have extensive knowledge of everything related to infrastructure and construction. They have a long track record of many years in this field. Our experts have provided numerous legal opinions to contractors, investment funds, banks, public authorities, government, and non-governmental companies (foreign and national) in complex matters relating to consultations and litigation disputes.

Our experts are recognized nationally as the leading experts in the field of construction and infrastructure as they have a great deal of practical experience. We have vast experience when it comes to conflict resolution, as well as high quality contract reviewing skills. Our clients can benefit from our expertise and receive practical and cost-effective solutions.

We have extensive experience in all forms of international and regional contracts, including FIDIC, JCT, NEC, PPC2000, etc. We have experience in all areas related to construction and infrastructure such as Transportation, Oil & Gas Energy & Alternative Energy, Process Engineering, Commercial Real Estate, Housing, and Healthcare. We can serve as legal advisors in contract management and dealing with the government. We can also help in the preparation of claims, any legal notices, litigation, negotiations, submission of reports of experience, arbitration, litigation, etc. We represent clients in arbitration and Libyan courts in any form of alternative dispute resolution. Two of our experts are certified arbitrators in Libya.

We advise our clients on a complete set of construction law issues, including planning, financing, environmental compliance, negotiating, drafting/reviewing contracts, and litigation. We also advise our clients on the benefits of engaging our lawyers in the early stages of the project to reduce risk and exposure to claims and disputes.