Our services include providing tax advice to economic institutions including foreign and domestic companies, financial institutions, investment funds, real estate investment offices, and joint ventures.

Abdou Law Firm’s legal team has extensive experience working across multiple sectors, including the financial sector, real estate, investment, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, communications, media, technology, healthcare, consumer goods, energy, and utilities.

Our legal experts provide a full range of tax and commercial advisory services in the most complex transactions including cross-border transactions, and we can represent our clients before courts and administrative committees dealing with tax disputes.

In addition to consulting services and customer representation we can offer the following services:

  • Pay taxes on behalf of clients.
  • Assist in dealing with Libyan tax authorities.
  • Assistance in registering companies with the Libyan Tax Authority.

At Abdou Law Firm, our advisors and lawyers can provide extensive advice on tax and financial issues, including income, joint investments, securities, corporate restructuring, settlement, consolidation, bankruptcy, and real estate transactions.

Whatever your questions about tax and financial issues in Libya, Abdou Law Firm can provide you with the answer.