Mergers and Acquisitions

Although acquisitions today in countries with concentrated ownership structures are becoming more common, this is not the case in Libya where most companies are still state-owned. This is because of various reasons such as Libyan banks do not offer financial support in the form of loans for takeovers and also currently there are only 10 companies listed on the stock market, this situation does not look likely to change any time soon.

As a result of these factors, there is a very little legal experience in the field of M & A in Libya. However, Abdou Law Firm has a combination of technical know-how and practical experience in these areas. We can verify the compliance of companies involved in M & A with requirements related to market challenges, shareholder obligations, labour rights, tax requirements and more. We can help our clients develop business strategies to address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities they offer. We have the ability to communicate with the competent government authorities in Libya regarding the completion of M & A.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Designing the form of mergers and/or acquisitions.
  • Formulating, reviewing and advising on merger and/or acquisition agreements.
  • Advising on strategies to be followed in accordance with Libyan legislation.
  • Obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies.
  • Providing legal advice on shareholders’ obligations and labour rights.
  • Changing the legal form of companies incorporated in the State Commercial Registry.

With our experts and consultants, Abdou Law Firm has expertise in taxation law, intellectual property law, labour law and court decisions governing these operations, all of which are fundamental to the M & A process.