Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients before the Libyan courts and providing expert reports to foreign courts. We provide representation services in front of all Libyan courts: District, First Instance, Appeal, and Supreme, and have an intimate knowledge of the legal process in Libya. We are committed to finding the best practical solutions that achieve the business objectives of our clients. To do this, our lawyers at Abdou Law Firm undertake detailed analysis before engaging in any negotiation and always look for ways to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. Where litigation is unavoidable, our company focuses on achieving the best results for our clients by assessing legal and business risks, especially those related to reputation, before filing any claim on behalf of our clients. Our highly qualified experts are supported by a team of consultants and specialists in Libya, the UK, Morocco, and Algeria. We are able to represent our clients in many fields including, but not limited to, banking, finance, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, utilities, technology, communications, and transportation. At Abdou Law Firm is the leader in complex commercial litigation.