Our experts have extensive knowledge of the following issues:

  • Government models in hiring workers and employees.
  • Conditions of employment
  • Employment contracts, secondment arrangements and staff arrangements for all categories of staff, including managers and senior executives.
  • Labour issues related to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Issues of termination of employment contracts.
  • Disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures, settlement negotiations and termination agreements.
  • Represent our clients before the relevant labour authorities, labour courts and other courts.
  • End of service-related claims such as the end of service benefits.
  • Protection of trade secrets, confidential information and commercial interests.

We help clients maximise the value and returns of their investments in human capital while avoiding liability. In addition, our experts can develop the internal legal system of any institution. We have experience in modifying and updating the internal regulations such as the list of administrative and financial regulations.