Libya is currently privatizing the public sector on the basis of private ownership based on corporate governance rules such as disclosure and transparency. It will be important to explain to our national and foreign clients the full picture of the privatization rules in Libya. In addition, there are state-owned investment institutions seeking to attract foreign companies for the purpose of investing inside and outside. There is also an awareness at the moment of the Libyan financial market and that the market is not for speculation and a quick profit, but a process of investment with principles and laws in place. The Libyan government is currently seeking to help the money market by its role in supporting savings and increasing production capacity. It also seeks to encourage privatization programs in order to make the transition to a free-market economy successful.

Abdou Law Firm through its experts will provide legal advice to investors in everything related to investment laws in Libya. Our experts are able to provide legal support to investors related to legal risk management and communicate with relevant government agencies to facilitate investment for our clients and own projects for privatization. In this regard, we collect information and obtain the required documentation to evaluate investment opportunities and provide investors with full knowledge of the laws, regulations, and conditions that may affect their future projects.

In addition to assessing legal and contractual risks related to investor issues, we will propose solutions to mitigate these risks and participate in the negotiation of commercial contracts and work to formulate various contractual provisions.

Our experts are well acquainted with the operations within the investment institutions in Libya and have close ties with many investment firms and portfolios, in addition to having a deep understanding of all the legal issues surrounding them.