Establishment and Organization of Companies and Business Entities

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the establishment of business entities such as companies, portfolios, and investment funds. We can help our clients by guiding them to the best legal ways to form and establish business entities. Our experts are also able to assist clients in determining the rights of shareholders and management and their duties in accordance with the rules of corporate governance.

Our experts have extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts of all types, such as employment contracts, external financing, shareholders’ agreements, company agreements, and joint venture agreements. Not to mention we will take all the legal procedures to establish a business entity for our clients such as opening a file with the Tax Authority and providing a commercial register, chamber of commerce, and licenses to practice. Our company also can organize all aspects of employment and work related to your company to make you comply with the laws and regulations in force in Libya.

Our experts regularly advise on arrangements related to licensing, trade register and taxation in Libya and technology transfer, as well as matters related to compliance with international trade, import and export controls, customs and other domestic and international regulatory requirements, corporate structure, acquisition and merger and the establishment and development of free zones within their regulatory and legislative framework. We also provide legal advice on regulatory frameworks to attract foreign investment and those related to government tenders.

We also help our clients (from small companies to large companies) to meet all their logistical needs of any kind.

Our experts are knowledgeable in a number of areas especially in the following sectors: Oil & Gas – Construction – Energy – Entertainment – Governmental Bodies & Institutions – Healthcare – Insurance – Manufacturing – Technology – Communications – Land, Real Estate Development and Transportation.

Our experts have extensive experience in dealing with the needs of our clients in an efficient and timely manner. We work with clients at every stage, e.g. introducing local companies to our foreign partners and providing information about bids and public tenders, negotiating deals, and providing legal opinions.

One of the core strengths of our company is that it helps clients in Libya and abroad in maximizing their earning opportunities.