Commercial Matters

Abdou Law Firm employs a large team of lawyers and experts who are highly regarded in commercial law in Libya. With experience drawn from working with major financial institutions such as the Libyan Stock Market and the Libyan Investment Authority, some have contributed to the reformulation of commercial law in Libya and others have been involved in the drafting of Securities legislation. Accordingly, Abdou Law Firm is the best law firm in all matters relating to commercial laws.

Abdou Law Firm’s experts have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial law, including:

  • commercial partnership agreements
  • commercial agencies
  • distribution agreements
  • drafting and reviewing contracts,
  • shipping and unloading contracts
  • consumer protection and competition
  • Property disputes

We can assist in the drafting, review, and fulfillment of the terms of any agreements, such as agency agreements, joint venture agreements, memorandums of understanding, distribution agreements and concession agreements, as well as shipping and service contracts, and any issues related to trade disputes and customs issues.

In addition, our experts provide advice on financial and investment structures and have the capacity to advise institutions currently operating in Libya on developing their financial operations in-line with international standards.

We provide services in the field of commercial law for all types of companies whether public or private, domestic or foreign. We also provide services to international law firms. Our services are provided in Arabic, French, and English.